5x5 is the urban dialogues on-line forum for discussions of any kind related to neighborhoods, communities, urbanism and the built environment.

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Five by five is a term used in broadcasting and in the military that refers to the strength and clarity of a signal on a scale from one to five. Five by five therefore means a signal which has excellent strength and perfect clarity—the most understandable signal possible. In popular culture, five by five has come to mean,

“I understand you perfectly.”

Urban Dialogues acknowledges that open discussions may operate at a variety of signals less than the perfect clarity of five by five. This is reflected in our graphic logo. We do not pretend that all who use this forum will understand each other five by five all of the time. We do aim for an openness of mind to the variability of the clarity and strength of the dialogues as we attempt to promote not a singular vision but multiple understandings of any given issue.